Meet John, his little restaurant, makes the best burgers in town. The restaurant has a loyal following but business is not hot like his burgers. He's eventually he noticed, where is potential? Customers were going online. So John goes to his web agency and asks for online ordering and a mobile app. The agency comes back with a proposal. For a, custom-built platform is extremely expensive and will take 3 months to roll out. John's also heard of other big portals that provide a shared online ordering system for restaurants. It turns out, they take a big cut from all the orders sent through their system. This would amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month. John signs up and adds the order online buttons to his restaurant's website and Facebook page, he then turns his own smartphone into an order receiving machine The phone starts beeping as the first orders role in. Finally, the team can concentrate on making delicious burgers, no one stopped, taking voice calls and risking a bungled order.